Transform your dust magnet loft into a work efficient office

Lofts are underrated. People typically take it for granted and just use it to store their unusable, broken junk, letting the loft waste away gathering dust. Have you ever thought that your loft could be so much more than that?

Ever heard of loft conversion? It is a process of taking an unused, empty attic and effectively transforming it to one of the most useful parts of your house. A loft conversion is never a bad investment. So why let a perfectly good portion of space gather some annoying dust when you can turn it into so much more.

Now, most homeowners’ dream is to have their very own workspace in their very own home, a place where they could have some silence so that they could focus on work without dealing with the bustle of the outside world.

But most of these homeowners have trouble finding the proper spot to place their office. Building an external extension to the house would be a major expense and all the rooms inside are used for other purposes.

Now how about getting rid of all the junk from your loft, cleaning up the place and installing your very own office in the space it vacated?

It makes perfect sense.

Why waste a bunch of money on cement, mortar, bricks, and construction when you can do it without having any major construction projects involved?

Yes, that’s the perfect solution to most homeowners’ problem looking for extra space to place their office in.

It is common knowledge that more and more people are now working from home. This is all thanks to the almighty internet. Because of the internet, people now have the choice to work in the comfort of their homes.

While a loft conversion may seem like a great and costly undertaking, it is way cheaper than the other options out there, with companies such as Clapham Loft Conversions offering their services way cheaper than any of their competitors. Not to mention at the end of it all, you’ll have a perfectly functional office room.

Now, in transforming your dust magnet loft to a workable office room, you’ll need to invest money and effort (if you’re thinking of doing it yourself).

– First and foremost, secure a planning permission if you’re going to be doing an extensive loft conversion.

– You will need to install a loft staircase (something simple will do) connecting it to the lower part of your house so you’ll have an easier access to your soon-to-be office.

– Next, you’ll have to plasterboard the room. This helps keep down the temperature in the room in case of fire and it also prevents a fire from spreading.

– Insulate the room. You will definitely need to insulate your room to prevent heat from escaping. Especially in countries that get very cold, insulation is a must.

– Get the proper office equipment and utilities as this is going to be needed because you’re converting your loft to an office.

The convenience of working in the comfort of your own home is simply the most delightful thing. But to get the best results, an office-like atmosphere must be imitated. Consider transforming your dust magnet loft into a work efficient office. It’ll be worth all the effort.

On Designing Bathrooms


The moment I get up, the first room I enter is the bathroom. There, I spend time thinking about the day’s tasks and routine. I go about making myself ready to face the world in the bathroom. During days when I feel the pressure of a difficult situation, I retreat to my bathroom armed with a brush and cleaning materials. I begin scrubbing the tiles  cleaning every corner of the bathroom. This makes me de-stressed, able to go on and relaxed again. So it’s very important that the bathroom is given with much care and plan as with other parts of the room. At least for me. Indeed, I feel more organized if I see the bathroom clean and organized.  Here are collection of special bathrooms I think fit my definition of what is contemporary, sustainable and worth spending time inside.

What I look at in a bathroom:

As opposed to the traditional designs, the contemporary bathroom has come a long way. It is more than a place of comfort, but it is a place needing much planning.

Tone and mood is set and created with the color used. Details such as door handles, accessories, hooks and others enhances the mood.

Balance in the bathroom means the space is maximized and the moment you enter the bathroom, everything is in place and you would feel right at home. Ever felt that when you go in one’s bathroom? The homey feeling is just there.

Focal Point is that piece or feature that catches your eye when entering a room. In a bathroom setting, it could be the tile design, a modern accessory, the wood work… anything.

Rhythm is when a kind of uniformity of shape is established. It could be seen in the mirrors, the shower heads, or the fittings. This builds comfort and a smooth flow to the eyes.

Here is a gallery of aesthetic contemporary bathrooms.

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According to Science, These Are The Five Ways You Could Ensure Productivity in Your Workspace!

Many psychiatrists, religious leaders and politicians have repeated it time and again; the habitat of a person forges their upbringing and creates their personality. These principles are actually applicable in interior design. The combination of patterns, colors, spaces between one object to another dictate our personalities and our behavior, according to science. So, using that principle, science says that the ideal workspace could be built using the following.

  1. Ownership

With today’s lacking numbers of job security even for those in their middle to late ages, the ownership of a cubicle is virtually impossible. If you’re an office manager, then you’re very lucky.

According to a study by the Identity Realization Workplace Consultancy, those who could set up photos, plants, pictures and knick-knacks on their workplaces had made them 32% more productive than others. This survey was done involving 47 workers. They said it also increased efficiency and initiative.

  1. Colors, Lights and Dimensions

The visual perception of things all around us evokes certain moods or feelings. Claustrophobia, among the infected, often rises when the eyes could not perceive the flow of air going out through windows, or anywhere at all.

Colors play a huge role in influencing the average worker. A color of blue and green could simulate ideas and take initiative at work. The color red, well-known in interior design as a stimulating color to dine to or work to, could increase attention to detail.

Lights are also a big factor. A very bright light helps one to really see everything in detail. It also stimulates analytical and evaluative thinking.

Free-thinking, criticisms and personal opinions are evoked by very high ceilings. The psychological effects of these ceilings give the feeling of freedom and heightened consciousness.

  1. Indoor Plants

A green plant is a staple among customized office stations. But it’s more than just a fancy décor. It has helped workers deal with stress faster, being the center of their attention. The color green also helps achieve calm, and the shapeliness of these plants could offer some solace.

Meanwhile, it also helps reduce the pollution inside the office. That could be anything from machine emissions to undesirable scents.

  1. Rounded Furniture

Hard-edged square and rectangular furniture are often the staple of offices. However, if you can design, or even replace some furniture in your workspace, consider getting rounded furniture.

One study in 2011 showed how undergrads found round interiors and rounded furniture as more attractive and stimulating compared to rectangular furniture. Most studies showed how round furniture could stimulate different regions of the brain that stimulated endorphins during a reward and punishment scenario.

  1. The Messy Desk

Most bosses wouldn’t want you to have a messy desk, but because Einstein said a cluttered desk is a sign of a busy mind, maybe he’s right and all offices might want to implement this.

Putting this to the test, a team of researchers in the University of Minnesota found that their research participants came up with more imaginative uses for a ping-pong ball in a messy room compared to those in a tidy room.

According to some researchers, clean and tidy desks are often counter-productive because employees take time to find things whereas they could use their spatial capabilities to remember where they left their valuables.


How to Make Your Bedroom Stimulate More Sleep And, Maybe More Sex

Now, we’re not that really into intercourse nowadays. Sorry for the casual introduction, but the relation of sexual activity to sleep stimulation is very strong. It’s both done in bed, we know, but you need to be relaxed before you could feel your hormones coming on, or your sleep coming on.

There’s a way for you to stimulate more sleep in your bedroom. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Get a Bigger Bed

According to research, a bigger bed is more pleasing and exciting to the eyes rather than just a small bed that looks hard and rough. One’s visual perception of space sets the body’s expectations. An expectation met is an expectation received in full. So if you’re thinking of a king-sized bed to sleep in will give you the rest you need, you’re definitely and relatively correct.

  1. Paint the Room Blue

Now you might say it’s silly, but coloring the room blue actually helps stimulate sleep.

If you’ve woken up at 9AM once and you’ve seen the blue sky, you could say that you’re the happiest person to wake up. You actually feel energized as you rise up from your bed.

A blue room successfully stimulates the outside world’s blue sky. Psychologically, blue is the color of peace and tranquility.

According to a survey by Travelodge, blue-room sleepers could get seven hours of sleep at maximum.

You might be wondering how does it happen, given that the room is dark and you don’t really see the colors until you wake up. It takes effect once it’s the last color you see before you turn off the lamp, and it’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

The survey by Travelodge also indicated that 58% of the participants had woken up feeling happy and alert.


  1. Don’t Like Blue? How About Yellow?

Yellow guarantees a seven-hour, 40-minute sleepathon according to a survey. Warm yellow, just like the color of your lamp, is a bit more alert than blue. However, it helps calm your nerves before you start to sleep.

A yellow room would be perfect for those stressful work days when you’re worrying about many things going room. You’re going to need to calm down, but not too calm enough to forget your problems. So a yellow room provides closure before you go to sleep. Sort of.

  1. What Does Silver Do?

We couldn’t get enough of those fancy-looking silver interiors we’ve seen on so many other blogs. But silver actually helps tell the brain that it’s time to go to sleep.

Silver is associated with moonlight. It’s not too bright and not too dark. It’s third to yellow, it delivers seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep. Silver somehow motivates physical activity. But this isn’t the intercourse-stimulating color.

  1. Caramel Guarantees Three Days of Sex Weekly

Caramel, it tastes good. But maybe it’ll help make your relationship feel better. Caramel stimulates sexual activity for some reason. The color of chocolate is something that is luscious and appetizing, but in a room, it makes things a bit more, murky, in a way. Wow.